Saturday, January 31, 2009


Kensley just got done taking her bath. We can't wait for Papa to be here to help give her a bath. She loves lying in the warm water and for us to put the sponge full of water on her. It is such a relaxing time for her. I belive she is starting to understand her little routine that she gets her bath than she gets her bottle!! :) After her bottle, it's off to dreamland in her cute little room. Papa needs to hurry and get here so he can help with the bedtime routine!

New to this...

So I'm going to try to figure out this blog thing. I'm excited to create it because now that we have our first baby, it will be awesome to look back at how much she is growing! Also I'm excited to share this with our families--especially Papa Harrell who lives so far away. We miss him a lot, but can't wait for his visit next Monday (Feb. 9). He is going to be so surprised by how big Miss Kensley is because he hasn't got to hold or see her since Christmas. That's a long time!