Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kensley's favorite pal came for a visit!!

We were lucky to have Addie over for a little while last night. The girls are such a riot together...they were sooo busy. We still have the little spats over toys, but I think that is inevitable no matter what we do. We are doing our best to teach them to share, but it just doesn't seem to be working in our favor. No matter what toy it is or how little Kensley plays with it, it was THE toy that Kensley wanted. This was the same for Addie as well. What are we going to do with these girls?!!

Alright, Mom and Dad are gone!!

Hey, can I ride on that with you?
Umm, I really didn't want you to, but do I really have a choice?!Ok, done with that...what's next?
...on to dress-up with the princess shoes!
Look at that face!!!!!

I think maybe I should go check to see what the puppies are doing...

Hmm, this looks like fun...we don't have this at our house!

Kensley, do you wanna take a bath?!

Kensley absolutely loves taking a bath. I asked her the other day if she wanted to take a nap and she, for some reason, thought I said bath instead of nap. About two seconds later, she was trying to strip her shirt off and was walking towards the bathroom!

The next story is better...I'm so mad I missed it, but luckily there are some pictures to go along with it. Mom asked Kensley, yesterday, if she wanted to take a bath and they went to the bathroom to turn on the water. They got her clothes out of her room while the tub was filling up and came back in time for Kensley to throw her toys in the tub. Mom told her to wait just a few seconds because she was going to grab her towel. BIG mistake!! Mom stepped out of the bathroom for 20 seconds maybe and this is what she came back to find.....
Hi, Grammy! I decided it was time to get in!

I realize we are lucky she didn't get hurt or worse, and so with that said, hahahaha! How funny is that?! Not to mention, mom said that she had a poopy diaper and little pieces of poop began floating in the water! I'm so glad I didn't have to clean up that mess. And seriously, since when is she big enough to climb into the tub on her own?!! I've NEVER seen her do that! Apparently nobody else has seen her do it either!!

Eating with a fork and spoon already!

Kensley has been eating with a fork and spoon for about two months now, but she has really started to master it the last couple of weeks. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is hardly eating any kind of toddler food anymore, although she never was really fond of it. She really loves eating big girl food which also makes it a lot easier on deciding what to feed her. She used to be such a picky eater and that made it hard! She really seems to love carrots, which I do too! She loves fruit and yogurt as well, which I especially HATE! So, it appears some of the pickiness has went away...for now!

Grammy's Big Day

My mom's birthday is Feb. 15 and because we are so blessed to have her here with us helping with Kensley, she didn't get to spend Valentine's Day or her birthday with my dad this year. We wanted to make the day extra special for her because if anybody knows about being separated from their loved one, James and I have plenty of experience with it. We told her she needed to be ready to go on Sunday by noon, but we didn't tell her what we were doing. She thought we were taking her to meet my dad somewhere...hmm, that would have been a much nicer gift than what we did, but I guess we aren't that thoughtful!! :) I will, however, tuck that away for future gifts for my mom! We first took her to Kansai for lunch. We have been trying for years to get her to go to a Japanese restaurant, but she absolutely refuses as she believed it was sushi and rice only! LOL! So since we forced her to go inside, she didn't have a choice in the matter! Now she loves the place and cannot wait to take my dad there!! After lunch, we took her to be a witness while Kensley got holes put in her ears! I don't know that she really enjoyed that, but at least she was there. After that experience, we went to Earth & Fire which is a place where you paint pottery. She picked out a hot plate and the painting experience began. Kensley managed to wear some purple paint in her hair and Mom's poor sleeve had seen better days! James chose a duck to paint and I painted a small little girl to put on the hot plate. After the pottery painting adventure, we went to Graeter's Ice Cream!!! Yummy! Overall, the day was pretty enjoyable...I mean it wasn't the best gift in the world, like meeting up with my dad, but I think it came in a close second! Happy Birthday, Grammy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ear Piercing Princess

My little baby girl quickly turned into a little girl last Sunday when she got her ears pierced! She was stunned when the lady pierced the first ear, but by the second ear she was on to us and was none too happy! She definitely screamed and cried for a few short minutes, but she got a sucker and all was better! I can't believe I actually went through with getting them pierced, but I have been thinking about doing it for SEVERAL months. We are supposed to clean them 2-3 times a day. I am doing pretty well with keeping up with it, but I think it is a reminder to her that we did something to her ears. She does NOT want to cooperate when it is time to clean them. On the other hand, when I am finished cleaning them; she takes the Q-tip and "cleans" them herself! Speaking of cleaning, she has been helping Grammy this weekend with dusting. She has also been helping mommy with the laundry! She is getting to be such a big girl. I cannot believe how fast she is growing...
Hmm Daddy, what is that lady doing?

Ok, I guess I will just sit here
and wait to see what happens next...
I want you to know, though, that I am not sure about this.

Ok, now I'm really not sure about this...

Ok, I'm pissed! I told you I wasn't too sure about this!!!!

Well, I didn't know I got a sucker afterwards...

why didn't you tell me that to begin with?!

Our First Sledding Adventure!

With all the recent snow storms we've had, Kensley was finally able to get out in the snow. I don't think she really had an opinion either way. She never did really smile big nor did she frown or cry. I think she may have just been dumbfounded or mesmerized by the whole thing. We took her down the same hill that I, myself, used to sled down when I was little. I remember it being a lot more fun when I was smaller though. I think it is my old age and old bones that made it not so much fun. Seriously, climbing up a large hill with baby in tote along with a sled...not much fun. I did, however, enjoy getting to take Kensley out to experience her first snow adventure. I am sure there will be many more to come!