Friday, April 3, 2009

Kensley's 4 month check up!

Kensley went to the doctor yesterday and got her shots. She had to drink some liquid stuff, which she did fine with because she's so used to taking her medicine. She also had two shots in her leg. She did really well with the shots too. Of course she cried, but as soon as Mommy picked her up, she stopped. She is such a wonderful little girl.

Kensley weighs 13 lbs and 9 oz. Dr. Hall said that is average and we can go ahead and start her on cereal! Yay! It ought to be an interesting experience with Mr. Spoon!

She is 25 and a half inches long!! She is in the 90th percentile for her height. Please tell me where she gets being tall because we know her mommy sure isn't tall. I guess Daddy is helping her a little bit in that catergory.

Dr. Hall is very impressed with how well Kensley is holding her head up when she is lying on her tummy. She was also impressed with her rolling. She said she was a very strong little girl and will probably be rolling around everywhere soon. She also is already standing pretty good and loves to chitter chatter with us or just herself! We're so proud of her and enjoy every minute we get to spend with her.

Today, Kensley is 4 months old...but 17 weeks and 2 days old. Weird how the calculations work, but oh well. I will get some 4 month pictures on here soon!

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  1. Sounds like she is doing great! LJ fits her perfect! She is a cutie!