Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Georgia Fun!

Her first time sitting on the horse!
Daddy and Kensley petting the other horse, Shiloh!

Just hanging around in the barn.

After we had fun at the barn, we took time out to go on the boat. She didn't waste anytime taking her nap...She's my little mummy!!

Ok, so we thought we'd better uncover her face...

Playing on her own.

She was able to take time out from playing to pose for Mommy!

And she even had time to pose with Daddy!

Play time is's time to get down to business and drive the boat!

Driver change...

And here is our infamous picture we take every year on the porch right before we leave. It is bittersweet to take this picture because it means our trip has come to an end...until next year!

Thanks again, Aunt Jo, for such a fun time as always. We were so glad to take Kensley to your house for the first of many trips!