Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why can't I feed myself?

"Seriously, Mommy...why can't I feed myself again?" I think these were actually the words Kensley was thinking when I kept telling her, "No! Let Mommy do it!" So I thought it would be a good idea to get my daughter dressed and ready for our dinner guests tonight. Weird how I would think it would be okay to get her dressed to go to the store. When we got back home from the grocery, we immediately went to the highchair for some carrots and applesauce. I had a bib on her, thank God, because today was the day that she thought she would feed herself. I mean why not...she is 7 months old! The words, "No, I can do it!" are starting to linger in my head...oh the joy!

So we start with carrots; vegetables before fruit and about the 3rd bite, she begins putting her fingers in her mouth and sucking on them after every single bite....I mean EVERY single bite! Nevermind I have dinner guests coming in 3 hours and I really need to begin preparing the meal. So, in the fingers went and out came the carrots. Nice! Does orange go well with pink? So she, nonetheless, thinks this is funny and it has now turned into a game! Seriously, no means no! Well it wasn't enough that she was putting her fingers in her mouth. She was determined to get the spoon from my hands and place it ever so elegantly in her mouth as well. The words, "No, I can do it!" again start to creep in my head.

So...you'd think that would be enough, but it's not. She has discovered her highchair has a "seatbelt" that Mommy doesn't use. So...why not play with it with her carrot covered fingers? Oh and the dog happens to be on one side of her highchair making some sort of noise. Why not lean over and look at the dog? I mean Mommy doesn't have anything else to do. Oh and she leans with carrots all over her face...her shoulder happens to be right by her mouth covered with carrots, and I struggle with her to turn her head back towards me away from her shoulder so we can get through the jar of carrots and hopefully avoid a mess of orange carrots on her pink shirt!

So after our fun time learning how to feed ourself and not listen to Mommy, I'll end with what James so nicely told me, "That'll learn ya!"

Seriously, I really can't feed myself?!


  1. She is adorable Jamie! Love the hairbows! Can't wait til I get to dress my baby girl up one day! No, no plans of another just yet for all you ppl wondering :). I can't wait to see her. She is precious. Christian will not eat a bite if we try to feed him. So, we just let him go to town and give him bite sized portions. He does really well, and I think it has helped his coordination as far as grasping things. Might try it. We buy the carrots in a can, cook them and they are already in small peices!! He loves them! Also, gerber makes "cooked apple bites".

  2. That is so so funny! Just wait Jamie you will hear those words sooner than you think!!!