Monday, June 29, 2009

Da Da Dad...

Kensley and Daddy spent their first Father's Day together this year! We had such a great day. We got to hang out at home for a while and then we headed in town to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Kansai. Daddy picked it and unfortunately for us, the a/c was out. We didn't sit at one of the grills, however it was still very sticky inside. We managed to survive and soon headed home to surprise Daddy with his gift. Unfortunately, we had to wait and wait for him to come upstairs...

Kensley was hanging out on the floor with her puppy...Lilly was too stuck up to hang out on the floor with her, but Lexie was thick in the middle of usual!

Yay! Daddy finally made it upstairs!

Tell me again, Daddy...what did I get you? Maybe if I taste it I will remember!

Nope, I still don't remember...

That's is a wallet with pictures of me in it!!

We desperately tried to get a family picture from this day...but this was the best we could get! I love the lighting!!

Overall the day was a success! I think James had a great time spending the day with Kensley and me. I can't even imagine what Father's day will be like next year. She will be walking/running around everywhere! Lucky for us she still just hangs out on the's only a matter of time though!

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