Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some Florida Fav's

These are some pictures that were taken our last night in Florida. We wanted to have a "photo shoot" with the girls and a few family shots as well. Megan and I pretended we were photographers and tried to take cool pictures like Leslie does...they didn't turn out too bad, but they are definitely not Letography material!!

I absolutely love this picture of Addie! Her face is priceless...

I love this picture of Kensley and her daddy!


  1. I feel for Leslie - I don't know how you deal with clients like James Ott!!!

  2. Those are too cute! I saw James pulling someone over was pretty cool...b/c I was like hey I know him!!! LOL

  3. Those are adorable! You and Megan took some pretty cute pictures! Look out some amateurs moving in on you!!! Just kiddin of course!

  4. Hahaha Megan! I love it! Those pictures are absolutely adorable!!!! You all did great!