Monday, June 22, 2009

I remember...

I remember when I was begging Dr. Borden to put me on bed rest because I was miserable. I remember wanting desperately for my pregnancy to be over. I remember thinking I've never felt my back hurt so much and feeling like I was never going to sleep normal again.

Even though there were many times I wanted to "just get it over with", I really miss those days...feeling her little butt stick up and her little feet and hands moving randomly in my belly. I never could have guessed the love I would feel for this little girl. Six months ago (on June 3rd) we welcomed Miss Kensley into the world and our lives truly have changed...for the better!

We, of course, had to get pictures with Miss Addie!


  1. She is SUCH a doll. I love all these new pics. I forgot that she was born on Abby's birthday! :) Hopefully, I will get to see her in August, for the reunion! Can't wait to see you all! She still looks a lot like James, but I see more of you in her, the more she grows! :)

  2. Jamie, she is adorable!! The love is amazing, huh?!? Cute cute pictures!

  3. Aww such a sweet blog! I haven't got to that point of "miserable" as everyone gets towards the end. And I am trying my best to savor every moment of this pregnancy...every kick, every movement, everything! And reading sweet things like your blog makes me appreciate it even more because, like you, I know I will miss these days!

    Anyways, I am SO glad you liked your pictures again! BUT of course, you would, look at her! I don't think I could get a bad picture of her! She is such a beautiful little baby!

  4. The third picture is such a "James" face! They turned out great!!