Monday, June 22, 2009

First trip to the beach...

Look at these girls...they are soo spoiled. Grammy and Gran Robin bought the girls these little cars that you push around. They both love them. Addie holds on with one hand and waves and says "bye, bye" to everybody. Kensley hold on generally 10 and 2, but sometimes she gets crazy and drives 12 and 3! I guess she is taking after Trooper Daddy!
Again, can I say spoiled? They definitely weren't lacking in the toy department while in Florida. Between Kensley and Addie, I think they had enough toys for a toy store! This was an awesome place to set up their play area. Right outside the window was an awesome view of the ocean!

The boys were obviously jealous of the girls' view...

Finally, she made it out to the water! She loved playing around in her little float in the baby pool. It was just her size and just her temperature. I think she was a little uneasy with the ocean at first because it was so big and a little cool at first, but felt awesome once you got used to it! She finally started warming up to it towards the end of the week...figures!

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